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Published On November 10, 2018 | By Mary Carlisle | Flooring

There is a huge shift in people moving towards inspiring and great looking flooring designs. The flooring designs you choose must compliment the interior designs of your house. The basic idea of flooring is to create a feeling of space and light. Certain flooring materials can be ideal for the kitchen but are not at right fit for living areas and you need to create a balance between beauty and durability. You can speak to professional flooring companies in Dubai for advice on different flooring materials suitable for your lifestyle.

From limestone to linoleum, ceramic tiles to concrete, various flooring materials are available to enhance the look of your surfaces. Eco-friendly flooring materials are one amongst the choice. There are many benefits ecologically friendly options like it doesn’t cause depletion to the earth’s natural resources, it is being processed with fewer chemicals than carpets and most importantly it is very easy to clean thoroughly. Before deciding on solid wood or ceramic, check other options that sync with interiors Dubai.


When talking about different flooring options the first thing most common choice of environmentally friendly flooring options is linoleum. Linoleum is not plastic, most of them think it is but it is fabricated from renewable sources. It has an added advantage over other flooring materials like high durability making it ideal for kitchens playrooms and bathrooms. It is biodegradable, non-toxic and antimicrobial making it making it the best option. Good news is linoleum is available in attractive colors in modern designs these days. When you are considering linoleum flooring, make sure you check for the purity of the materials available in the market. Some materials look like linoleum but are actually PVC containing a synthetic version.


Bamboo flooring is also one of the topics trending options that gives an attractive Asian feel to your space. Moreover, bamboo re-grows faster after harvesting and doesn’t require any pesticides or chemicals, this features makes it ideal for renewable resources. A lesser known fact is – the type of bamboo used for flooring is different from that of the pandas eat. There are numerous varieties of bamboo flooring like hardwood and they come with different finishes stains and dimensions.


Cork flooring has been a good option for many years as it has a natural appearance, warm and soft feeling under your feet. It is water resistant, durable, antibacterial, shock absorbing make net ideal for kitchen bathroom and playroom. It is harvested without causing any damage to the tree, in fact removing the back makes the tree live grows longer.

Solid wood

It is a standard among the most fascinating choices available. This flooring has a good resale value, attractive, durable, and reused.  But it is heat sensitive, noisy, moisture sensitive, may dent or scratch easily and not ideal choice for kitchen flooring. Solid wood tends to change over a period and needs regular refinishing. Solid boots can be finished in polyethylene or natural lint seed oil to make it hard and protected.


Laminate wood flooring is a moderate and solid kitchen flooring thought. The top surface can withstand heavy use. On the off chance that you include cushioning underneath, it’s easy to mold, ergonomic deck arrangement. It is easy to install and accessible in a wide assortment of styles,


Concrete adds a contemporary look to the surface. This flooring is more durable than any other flooring material, moisture resistant and requires no maintenance making it ideal for kitchens. Concrete colors range from charcoal to antique white and it can be stained, polished or waxed to match with interiors. It can be laid both inside and outside.

There are many other flooring options which can be used on the upper floor.

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