Canna nutrients: The best hydroponic nutrients

Published On July 26, 2018 | By Andrew Williams | Home improvement

Canna nutrients are designed to ensure quality. The team at Canna constantly is improving products to fit the customers. One such improvement is the canna coco nutrients. Made with high-value coco substrates and fertiliser. When used by a farmer they can be assured of high yield.

Canna coco nutrients types

Canna Coco A&B. This nutrient is the complete nutrient for optimal growth and flowering. The coco nutrients lack the original vega and Flores variants. However, it has its unique formulation vital in both the growth and bloom phases.

Tips for the application

Applying both A&B at the same time leads to clogging hence reduces absorption. Therefore, applying part A then followed by part B. These maximises the absorption by plants. Hence, increased yield.



Coco nutrients are made up of high-value elements. The advanced nutrients include humic and fulvic acids. These nutrients give the plants optimal absorption.

How to ensure you get the best from canna nutrients

A simple trick that works will be your guide. Use hydroponics supplies. The supplies achieve great results globally and are worth using by any farmer.

The advantages of the canna coco substrates

> Offer yields with effortless cultivation. The farmer won’t tire out much.

> Canna coco substrates are energy friendly.

> They offer additional microorganism combat.

> Stores water and nutrients ensuring plants are always healthy.


The Canna A&Bcoco nutrients are a masterpiece. Every farmer deserves a chance to utilise these phenomenal nutrients in the search for better farming practices. Grab your chance today and change your coco farming. For the better!

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