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Published On September 19, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Home Decor

Lightning can easily make a home look twice as better than normal. It happens due to various reasons, but when it comes to purchasing lighting fixtures, most people find themselves getting into unexpected issues. Even buying the right product is not easy.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for bedroom, bathroom or kitchen ceiling light fixtures you have to focus on various factors. It can be divided into three parts which can ease up the work. These three factors are –

  1. Task
  2. Accent
  3. Ambient

By considering these three factors, you can divide the purchase of products for your home. Let’s shine some light on all these factors to understand them completely.

  1. Task

The very first thing is the lighting area and the purpose of this lighting. If you are looking for lighting in the kitchen, you need yellow or white light to make everything look cleaner. It will enhance the décor in the kitchen, and it is absolutely the very first area to consider. A single fixture is best for cooking and reading areas for better illumination.

Make sure that you choose something that will pour direct light at the surface. In case, you want to get something for the bedroom then you have to prefer blue, yellow, orange and similar colors. You are free to choose the color of choice with bedroom and hall.

  1. Accent

With the accent lighting fixtures, you are opting for a decorative solution. Such lights are going to enhance the artwork, design, and décor. These are mostly made for halls and bedrooms where these help in an effective manner. The artwork or architectural features are mainly considered here.

You can prefer kitchen ceiling light fixtures, but it is not going to help here. The single light fixture is not enough that’s why you should focus on the selection of accent light. The multicolor and low illumination makes it bette.

  1. Ambient Lighting

This lighting type is also called General Lighting, and it is made for soft light. It is not for décor mainly, but it can help enhance the décor of a home in an effective manner. The best aspect about ambient lighting is that you won’t get much distraction. Watching TV, or sitting in the room with less electricity wastage is the main purpose served here.

To never face a single issue in the future, always opt for the best ceiling light fixtures manufacturers with a long guarantee period. It will help you buy the best lighting solution and make your home look better. If you are deciding the lighting on your own then must consider the theme of your home before buying any specific color light.

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