Bring nature at your place with interior landscaping

Published On May 30, 2019 | By David Standridge | Home Decor

Interior landscaping, also known as interior plantscapes is a process of designing, arranging, and caring of plants that complement the decoration of your home. The firms providing service of interior landscaping refer to it as landscaping or interiorscaping or a combination of the terms. It is called landscaping even though there is no reshaping of land involved. It is used as a reference for remodeling of the plants that are planted in the indoor. Remodeling involves angles, horizons, altering, or accentuating by adding or removing plants. There are many interior landscaping companies in London and in other countries that provide best services for plantscaping.

Types of interior landscape

  • Green garden landscape: In green garden landscaping, a lot of plants and flowers are planted in an open area where there is a source of natural light and ventilation. It keeps the indoor environment cool and fresh. You get to experience the feel of a garden in your home.
  • Stone scaping: It is a part of the Japanese landscape which has gained popularity in other parts of the world. Here, the greenery is less as compared to the green garden landscapes as it uses stone tiles and pebbles. These areas can be used for meditation.
  • Holy scape: In our culture, there are many beliefs that certain plants are holy, and they bring good luck to the house. Such holy plants can also be used as a part of the interior landscape to create a holy ambiance.

Benefits of interior landscaping

  • Interior landscaping creates a beautiful and nature filled atmosphere to your house that adds to the beauty of your interior decoration.
  • It also has many physical and mental benefits as the plants remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.
  • They also keep the temperature of your home and office in control by reducing the air temperature and increasing humidity.

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