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Published On December 5, 2017 | By Eric Carter | home improvement

Keeping your pot clean can keep it free of germs and dirt. This suggests it will remain sanitized to start with and you will stay healthy maintaining this cleanliness. There are some more advantages of toilet brush like:

  • An absolute essential part of bathroom cleaning supplies.
  • Keeps the bog sparkling and hygienic.
  • Can remove lime scale and ugly water marks as well.


The only con that we can think of is if the brush is not cleaned properly, then there are chances of it stinking. Not so good ones can break and may not clean in the best ways. Otherwise, if you invest in a quality toilet brush, then you may hardly find a problem.

Toilet Brush and Holder by Laguna Bathware

This is a unique toilet brush from the house of Laguna. The stainless steel handle makes all the difference that can take a lot of pressure. This is considered ideal for all those who do not want to invest in plastic brushes. The ceramic holder is more than steady that can hold the brush in place. The only con of this product that people so far have found is that it is not available in different colors.

It is made in the USA and the price of needs special mention which makes it super affordable in the best of the ways.

Design Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder

Now, this one is super good looking and attractive toilet brush that is a must have for most toilets. The holder is so lavish along with the handle of the brush that it becomes impossible to fail to notice it. It is available in different sizes and the brush head can be removed with no trouble. The brush is big enough to clean the pot at once because of its coverage.

In addition, to this it is priced very sensibly that makes it well-liked best Toilet brush and holder set in most households. It is compact but functional and that makes it sweetheart of many without much of a doubt.


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