Best Options for Finishing Your Basement Stairs

Published On May 12, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Flooring

If you are planning on basement stairs renovation, finishing your stairs can make or break your budget and entire look of your newly upgraded space. Besides, homeowners have to consider of safety and stability of the potentially hazardous areas in which accidents may occur, such as basement staircases. Finally, one of the first things that people will see when they visit your new basement is your new stairs. Have a have a peek here to get some options for your stylish basement stairs renovation.

–       Wood

It is an incredibly popular option for many basements, especially if you are planning an entrance with your basement stairway. Choose a nice, finished, stained wood for an elegant look or an unfinished one like a plywood for a more rustic basement. There are many budget-friendly options, all wood stairs are sure to make a statement in any basement home.

–       Wood With Risers

Risers can add a sense of style and contrast to your wood stairs.

–       Cement

For a workshop or a project area you may prefer an all cement basement floor with high-gloss finishes that are also becoming popular in modern floor renovation. They are easy to clean and very budget friendly.

–       Rubber

The newer option for your floor renovation and a great idea to explore for projects, exercising or crafts instead of creating a more luxurious finished environment. They are affordable, ultra-durable and easy to wash.

–        Tiled

If you are a fan of more eclectic styles, then tiled is the way to go. Such choice can help you give off a Tuscan feel or even a Mediterranean vibe in your home. With tiled stairs, the surface is easy to clean and maintain, although this can be one of the more expensive options for your newly updated stairs.

–       Carpet

The warmest and the most welcoming idea for your basement stairs renovation is a nice carpeting. Carpet is not only soft and lush, but it is a great option to prevent your little kids running up and down the stairs from tripping and falling on more slippery options. However, it is typically not very durable choice since rough foot traffic.

All options are possible and rather affordable for your desired basement renovation in Toronto!


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