Bathroom Renovation tips to avoid a cramped feel in a Small Bathroom!

Published On June 18, 2020 | By Dora Romero | Home improvement


Big bathroom is a luxury many of us can only dream about. Unlike a bigger bathroom that offers plentiful space to play around with decor, it does not get so comfortable with a small bathroom. Of course, the bathroom space is better when it is large.

However, the truth is, even small bathrooms can be just as gorgeous! A couple of space-saving tips with some gorgeous accessories can turn even the smallest of bathrooms into an enviable space.

If you are planning to do some bathroom renovations in Sydney here are some tips for you to achieve a spacious feel.

Watch the use of Colours:

When your bathroom is really small, there is only a little space to try all your colour fancies. For a larger feel, choose a single shade for the entire space.

Painting everything in the same colour will make the space visually expand. So paint the ceiling and the walls in the same colour to cut down the transitions in the space. It is also an excellent idea to blend the colours of your walls and tiles to give them coherence. You can also add some contrast colours on cabinets and other items!

Watch the Transitions: 

As it is with colour transitions, the fewer the designs and patterns in the bathroom, the larger it will look.

From the shapes and designs used to the placement, make the visual transitions as uniform as possible to establish continuity. If you want to have different patterns in the walls and tiles, make sure they have consistency instead of contrasts. Once you establish the required continuity, the bathroom space will look larger.

Install a mirror and use glasses.

Nothing can make a bathroom feel grander than a tall mirror. Moreover, we know what phenomenal change a mirror can bring to a space, no matter how small it is! Place a mirror in the bathroom for a visual effect of expanding your bathroom. Besides, you can also use more textured glass elements in the bathroom. The glass and mirror allow light to bounce around the space, making it appear larger.

Work on the Lighting!

Natural light in a bathroom is always pleasing. Nothing can beat the feeling of walking into a bathroom in the morning where the glorious sunshine awaits to welcome you! So consider installing some windows to bring in some freshness and a spacious feel.

Also, consider adding some light fixtures to make sure that your bathroom has ample lighting. A well-lit room creates a spacious feel, and you will feel a lot better when you walk into it.

Pick a vanity that meets your needs:

By using floating vanity, you can get stylish and still maintain space. These work best in small areas. It takes up less space, which means you can still use the space below it.

Remodelling a tiny bathroom might seem like a challenge, but there is no need to comprise on style. Decide the bathroom features that are important to you and discuss it with the professionals who do best bathroom renovations in Sydney for expert advice. 

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