Awnings Add Style and Elegance Along with Other Worthy Benefits

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Awning is a kind of extra cover or roof, which helps to control extreme sun exposure as well as heat, which occur indoors and outdoors.  Markiisit (Awnings) can be either stationary or retractable. Materials used can be cloth, wood, vinyl or aluminium.

Benefits of awnings

Cool functionality

Attractive and comfortable area is created outdoors with fabric awnings. People gather in this area without exposure to sunrays. During inclement weather fabric awnings offer coverage. Fading of carpet, drapes, and furniture inside the house due to UV rays gets eliminated.

In addition, outdoor furniture gets protected from direct exposure to sunlight, rainfall, snow, wind, and storm. This can discolour and deteriorate the furniture. Thus, your outdoor as well as indoor space is protected.

Add extra space to entertain

Outdoor entertainment becomes possible. Guests can be entertained in this protected area without any concerns about sunrays or rainfall. Backyard area can be designed using patterned awnings for entertainment or personal private sanctuary.

Increases home’s resale value

An awning placed over a patio creates extra liveable space, which certainly increases home value. Awning designs are modern and in demand. Your homes listing time can get shortened and even allows increasing your asking price.

Retractable awnings for convenience

If you desire a shade then extend your awning, and if you don’t then retract it. You can conveniently control the awning’s function. Non-retractable awnings are cheap but can get damaged in harsh wind or get faded in sunlight. A retractable version allows adjusting and keeping the awning protected.

Reduces energy cost

In summer, awnings reduce direct heat from the windows, which help to save considerably on electric bills. If retractable awnings are chosen then you can add more to savings because in winter awnings can be retracted allowing sun heat to warm you house interiors.


Awning is a long-term solution for patios and decks. In addition, installation cost is affordable. Retractable awnings are expensive, but they pay for themselves. Indoor and outdoor furnishings get protected.

HVAC system does not need to work hard for cooling or heating resulting in low utility bills. All these can add to significant savings.

Awning fabric

Awnings are available in variety of fabrics, styles, patterns and solid colours to complement your home architecture.

Choose bright or contrast tones but if you don’t wish the awnings to be the centre of attraction then select colours, which blend with home colours, accents or trim. Extras like scallops, trim, valences, tassels, and keyhole can brighten a drab exterior. You can buy them from reputable stores like Avaeksperdid – Kaihtimet ja Verhot

Types and styles

Every awning differs even in application. You may desire awning to –

  • Cover the doors and windows
  • Shade a deck or patio

Types of awnings

  • Retractable free-standing awning
  • Retractable vertical drop awning
  • Deck or patio cover shade sails
  • Retractable canopy awning
  • Retractable side arm awning
  • Deck awnings
  • Widow awning
  • Motorized retractable awning

Users can operate retractable styles manually with chord or automated with radio or non-radio. Awnings of any kind will need cleaning, periodically.

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