Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Shutters for Windows

Published On September 13, 2017 | By admin | Furniture

We often find people making use of the wooden shutters for windows nowadays. Maybe even many of you have been thinking of moving to them, maybe because you heard that it is good or maybe you just find it looking good. But, today, we are going to tell you some truths about these wooden shutters where it is faulty and where it excels.

Advantages of wooden shutters for windows

Following are the advantages which come with the wooden shutters for windows:

  • Attractive: Anything which has a finish of polished wooden panel, it looks amazingly classy and stylish and also upmarket. Therefore, these wooden shutters for windows do have a strong attraction and may attract many eyes and increase the level of interiors in your home.
  • Protection: One of the best parts of these wooden shutters is that it controls the inflow of warm air and heat during summer and the cold air and chilliness in winter.
  • Light control: This depends on the make of the wooden shutters. Many of them don’t allow any amount of light to enter while some of them allow few amounts to enter. So, you can control the amount of light entering through the make of wooden shutters.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance cost for these shutters are really very low. For dusting, you can just use a light duster. There is no need of any extra expense.

Disadvantages of wooden shutters for windows

Following are the disadvantages which come with the wooden shutters for windows:

  • Protection from storm: This is a part where these shutters falter a lot. They have pretty much of limitations when it comes to protection from storm. When compared to aluminium, metal and fibre glass, wooden shutters are nothing in front of them in protection from storm.
  • Humidity: Wood cannot just perform when there is too much of humidity. Thus, the susceptibility towards humidity is comparatively less when it comes to wooden shutters.
  • Expensive: Yes, the wooden shutters do have a very low maintenance cost, but the initial cost just turns the table around. The market price of these wooden shutters for windows is a lot and thus they are very expensive.

Keeping in mind the disadvantages of the wooden shutters for windows, if you still wanted to opt for these wooden shutters, then you should probably look for places who are selling quality which is worth it. Yes, there are numerous websites doing the same, but, you can just have a look at the shutters present in Store Urbain if you are really keen about it.

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