A Case for New Build Apartments in North Wales

Published On October 27, 2018 | By Donald Llanas | Real Estate

Most cities practically transform within a small number of years, and taking a decade or so away from a city can often lead to you eventually returning to a different place entirely. Whether it’s Manchester, Liverpool, London, or any other large city in the UK, you’re more than likely encountering various cranes and construction machinery carrying out their work to create new build apartments, new homes, and other new developments every single day.

Should you be in the market for a new build apartment, you’re more than likely wondering whether or not the city or outside of it is right for you. While indeed there is a lot to be said for city living, it really isn’t for everyone. City living can very much feel constrained, tight, and expensive.

There are very many reasons why people do move to the country. It has the reputation for being for older people – for the longest time, the thought of leaving the city and moving to rural areas were considered a move for those who had already made their money and wanted to live their twilight years as a quieter life.

That’s not really the case any longer. Nowadays, people from all kinds of walks of life are giving up on the city and seeking apartments for sale in North Wales and other rural areas. You might question why rural areas are so coveted; sure, they’re quaint and they’re cheap, but rural areas tend to be the opposite side of the coin of city living.

If you look at areas such as Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Rhos on Sea or so on, you’ll more than likely see that, unlike the cities, no change at all is discernible in any of these towns for a very long period of time.

The North Wales coastal region is especially well known for the Victorian architecture which is still used today – consisting of old, practically crumbling Victorian houses and all of the problems that come with them. They’re relics of their time- and while indeed it is impressive that they’re still standing, they’re not exactly contemporary. Or even close.

While indeed, there is a lot to be said for the old look, it’s really not for everyone. For those that have a love for modern architecture, North Wales does have some gems which can be uncovered with a little bit of digging. Housing Developers are starting to take note of the growing demand for modern housing in these areas, and developments in the area, such as The View Sea View Apartments in Colwyn Bay by Blue Bay Homes, address this need.

These apartments are up-to-the-moment, and boast so many modern features such as aluminium windows and doors, spacious, open plan living, balconies, and quality fixtures and fittings.

These gorgeous apartments in North Wales have been purposefully constructed to bring a new standard in luxury living to the area and for those who are seeking a stylish new home. The Property Blogger has a series of look-throughs this amazing development, and we’re very impressed.

Even better, they occupy a vantage point on the Cliffside overlooking the beautiful North Wales coastline, offering both privacy, and a view which we’re sure you’ll find absolutely exceptional.

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