A Buyers Guide to Home Laminate Flooring

Published On November 28, 2017 | By Eric Carter | Flooring

Laminate floor is now more popular than ever and it’s easy to see why. Its attractive, durable, easy to install and cost effective. If you already have laminate flooring then you’re aware of the benefits but for those that don’t and are considering it, there a few points to keep in mind.

Here in this article we will provide you with an overview of laminate flooring as well as a few buying hints and tips.

What is Laminate Flooring?

There are two types of laminate flooring, basic laminate and engineered wood.

Your typical plastic laminate flooring is a simple fibreboard base layer, topped with a sheet of wood grain print film which is then covered in a melamine (plastic) wear layer. It isn’t actually wood in the traditional sense but a manufactured substitute which takes on the appearance of wood.

Engineered laminate on the other hand does include several layers of hardwood, both a base veneer layer and a hardwood covering. Both will look similar in their finished appearance but engineered wood floors are higher in quality.

Which Type of Laminate Flooring is Better?

That is for you to decide but each type has its own pros and cons. The following list contains several pointers that may sway your opinion either way:

  • Plastic laminate is more suitable for high traffic areas that will see a lot of abuse on a daily basis.
  • Plastic laminates are great for areas of high moisture content or those at risk of spillages.
  • Engineered wood is much less durable but is often the preferred choice of the purists who must have a real wood floor.
  • Engineered would can be renovated by carefully sanding the finish of the top layer, usually up to three times. This process can actually see it outlast plastic laminate flooring in the right household.

Engineered wood will also usually be more expensive to buy but this is understandable when taking into account the higher quality of the materials used in its construction.

Overall Appearance and Usability

Many people can’t tell the difference between laminate and engineered wood flooring which is testament to the increase in quality of laminate we’ve seen over the years.

What we can say is that if it matters to you, real engineered wood will provide a finish that looks of a higher quality than most low to medium priced laminate products on the market. An engineered floor with a varied grain pattern and a low gloss finish exudes quality, something you just won’t get with a high gloss plastic laminate.

Find Your Laminate Flooring

What we suggest is that you head down to your nearest showroom to see each product type for yourself. Laminate flooring in Littlehampton, West Sussex is widely available from several retailers so you will have plenty of options to choose from. The same goes for those of you based within Bognor Regis and other areas of the South.

Whether plastic laminate or engineered wood, laminate flooring is the most versatile floor covering on the market so you’re making the right choice.

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