6 Ways to Display Christmas Cards at Home

Published On December 14, 2018 | By Dora Romero | Home Decor

How are you preparing for the holidays? For sure, many of you have already started shopping for gifts to avoid the rush. Many people have also planned the menu for their Christmas feast. Some are already thinking of fun Christmas games to play at the office or Christmas party game ideas for the family at home. For those who are into home décor, meanwhile, they are already thinking of how to make the house look better in time for Christmas. In case of the latter, read on and we’ll share some tips on displaying Christmas cards in your house.

Hang in a Tree

While Christmas party announcements can be sent via email and online Christmas invitations can be delivered via Facebook Messenger, for holiday cards, they are better to be given in prints. They can double as an ornament for the Christmas tree. All that you need to do is to punch a hole and use a string. You can reuse cards from the past years if you have not received lots of cards this year.

Hang in a String

Want a magical Christmas? All that you have to do is to have a string and attach the cards using clips. Add fairy lights. The shining yellow lights at the back of the card will surely make the space look magical. If you want to be bolder, use lights that are green, red, or blue. This is sure to make a room look dreamy.

Pin on a Wood

If you want to achieve a rustic look for your Christmas décor while also displaying cards, you need to have a wood, which will serve as a backdrop. Use a ribbon or a string to trace a tree pattern. At some points of the tree, pin the cards.

Clip in a Garland

A garland is one of the most versatile décors that is present in many houses during the holidays. Using the traditional garland, you just have to clip the cards and be creative on where to place it. You can place the garland in a door in place of a wreath, by the porch, or along the banister.

Table Centerpiece

Give the dining table a festive feel by displaying Christmas cards in creative ways. You can use fresh flowers with greens and insert a card randomly in empty spaces. You can also put a big jar with Christmas balls, pinecones, poinsettia, and a Christmas card in the middle of the table.

Tape It

This is one of the simplest ideas when it comes to displaying your Christmas cards. Do not use just an ordinary tape. To spice things up, use washi tapes. They are colorful and have attractive patterns that are sure to turn heads. This is also an excellent way to add life to a boring wall.

You do not have to throw all the Christmas cards that you are receiving. As it has been discussed above, there are some creative ways by which you can incorporate these cards in your home décor this holiday season!

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