5 Tips To Designing An Effective Name Badge!

Published On November 23, 2018 | By Andrew Williams | Home Decor

Manufacturers who make name badges usually give the liberty of choosing the designs to the clients. So what is a name badge? It is basically a tag which is worn by people for special events and occasions for purposes such as identification, data intelligence, and engagement. It is one of the best marketing tools that companies use for the employees, which makes it easy to recognise each other as well. These are made either of cardboard or paper and the description of the employee is printed on them. They are then placed inside a plastic card holder or a lanyard.

The person who gets the name badge can hang around the neck. It is not so difficult to make these cards. Some parts are however assembled and put together to make a badge. Make sure that you design attractive badges which prove to be effective.

How to create good name badges?

Here are some of the tips to make some special name badges.

  1. Make sure the size is correct

The usual size of the name badge is 4 x 3 inches, which is actually the correct size. While designing the badge, see that it is neither too big nor too small. Suppose the badge is made of a big size, it becomes difficult for a person to wear it. And in case it is too small, the prints cannot be seen or it will not hold any information. Therefore, it is important to make a balanced sized name badge which is clear, holds essential information, and looks correct.

  1. Background colours

It is important that your name badge looks decent. Having multiple colours at the background will spoil the look of the badge. In addition to this, it will overshadow the fonts and the result will not at all be clear. Therefore, a light colour single background has to be selected on which the focus is on the logo and other details. It is also possible to make personalised name badges, start with creating designs on the computer, and then print it out.

  1. Text alignment

Having all the information on the card, but without any alignment is not at all a good design. There should not be a lot of blank spaces on the card, which makes the badge look dull. In addition to this, if there is no blank space, then the badge will look messed up. It is always better to go for central alignment which looks pleasant to the eyes as there is no unevenness on any side.

  1. Graphics

In case you need some excellent graphics on your personalized name badges, you need to hire a graphic designer. A professional knows how to add interesting graphics and make your personalized name badges look effective.

  1. QR codes should be clear

In case you are adding QR codes in the name badge, see that it is clear. Otherwise, it will be a problem while scanning. And it also might happen that the person is not let inside any important event. Facebook is one such organization that provides its employees with QR name badges.

How to get the name badges printed?

Nowadays, everything is easy and quick through online sites. You can make a design all by yourself, and let the company online print and deliver to you.

Try and make your own badges for that special and customized look!

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