5 Things to Reach for When You Get Locked Out of Your House in London

Published On January 10, 2019 | By Clare Louise | home improvement

Whether you’re late for a business meeting or have planned a casual walk in the park, getting locked out of your home is the definition of nuisance. Unless you’re leaving your house with a lock pick set on you, there’s no easy way for you to get back in DIY-style, at least not without these 5 handy items.

  1. Search Your Bag for a Bobby Pin

Opening a locked door with a bobby pin is as easy as seen in movies – just bend, unfold, and make it as straight as physically possible. After you’ve jammed it in the keyhole, the trick is in the wrist action. The bobby pin should be given a jiggle while turning the knob repeatedly until there’s a click.

  1. Put Your Credit Card to a Good Use

That depleted credit card that you’ve been carrying around for no apparent reason can serve as a pretty good alternative to a lock pick set. The same can be accomplished with any other similar card, but bear in mind that this DIY locksmith trick will definitely ruin it for good. Aiming for the lock, slide it in between the door and the frame. Just push the lock once you feel the card is placed in front of it.

  1. Borrow a Screwdriver from Next Door

In case you have neither long hair nor your wallet, head out to your friendliest neighbors to borrow a screwdriver with a skinny rod. The method is fairly simple and the only thing you need to do is jiggle the screwdriver around. This will only work if a “button” type lock with a little hole on the knob.

  1. Use a Paperclip from Your Briefcase

In case you were wondering, the paperclip method for unlocking the door without a key is not merely a movie trope. It works in real life too, though it’s far more effective if you have a pair of paperclips at your disposal. That way, you can bend the first and insert it into the keyhole, and then straighten the second and stick it beneath to create extra wiggling room. Stay persistent until it clicks.

  1. Reach for Your Phone and Call a Pro

Alternatively, the only tool you need for opening your locked door is something you always have on you – your smartphone. Use it to call a 24 hour London locksmith and play a game or two afterward while waiting for the professionals to arrive. In London, the entire process should be over in 30 minutes.

If you too have been locked out of your London house and have successfully broken back in without a key or a locksmith, please share your trick with us. Which handy item did you use? Your cautionary tale could be your fellow Londoner’s success story, ending someone’s nuisance in just a few minutes.

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