5 Cool Benefits of Luxaflex Blinds

Published On May 18, 2019 | By Donald Llanas | Home improvement

In the 1950s, LUXAFLEX blinds were introduced to the market by inventors Henry Sonnenberg and Joe Hunter. They were mainly servicing Europe at the time and they were really successful. This is primarily because of how they are made. They are made with light aluminium and they take the form of beautiful Venetian blinds.

Since then, the company has established its brand as an innovator of unique blinds designs that will suit a wide range of window needs. Below, we have listed some of the coolest benefits that this brand offers.

Child Safety

Through the years, the issue of blinds being hazardous and dangerous to children has become more prominent. Mainly, there are risks of strangling children with loops, cords, and braids of the traditional blinds sold in the market.

LUXAFLEX awnings and blinds are made while considering the presence of children and ensuring their safety. Most of the products are cordless and they come with motor systems to lift and bring the blinds down.

Moreover, the company has made sure that there are enough warnings and guidelines to observe by publishing them on their informative website. Spreading the knowledge has never been this easy!

Energy Efficiency

According to studies, half of the heating in a home gets wasted because of open windows. This has been religiously considered by the company and they created LUXAFLEX shutters that are energy-efficient. It started in the 1970s when the crisis in energy was at its pinnacle.

Decades later, the company has never forgotten to make their products energy-efficient so their customers can experience better conditions and they would feel at ease that they are using reduced energy that will not affect the environment largely.


The company did not stop at making just a single design. Through the years, they researched and developed different systems and incorporated a few materials to offer variety to their customers. It was not just for design purposes but also some clients will have different specific needs that call for a different design and function. Today, the company’s product portfolio is vast and it ensures that there are blinds for every type of home.


Just because the blinds are made of aluminium does not mean their visual appeal has to be compromised. Luxaflex made sure that their blinds remain stylish by incorporating different materials like plastic, fabric, and metal.


Besides the visual appeal and the ergonomic design of LUXAFLEX blinds, it also offers the best functionality. After all, a homeowner buys a set of blinds because they want to use it for specific purposes. The company has made it easier for homeowners to operate the blinds and maximise its functionality through a motorisation system and mechanism.

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