4 Trends in Closet Doors

Published On September 18, 2017 | By Eric Carter | Home Decor

Many homeowners might not give much thought to how their closet doors look within the room. Traditionally they are functional and are a way to “hide” our personal belongings and clutter from view. However, designers are changing the way we think about our closets both on the inside and out. Now, closet doors are considered an extension of the room and are designed to be both functional and beautiful whether they are opened or closed. Check out these five trends in closet doors that may change your mind about their importance in your home’s design.

  1.  Traditional Style:  Traditional closet door styles are always on trend, because classic beauty never goes out of style. Builders typically use the same kind of door in every room creating a balance and flow throughout the home. But there are simple ways to add a designer touch to the closet doors without compromising the traditional style. Just a quick change can instantly make your home look current. Trending are artistic door knobs and hardware available in a variety of colors, shapes and designs that can transform the room from ordinary to extraordinary. 
  2.  Industrial Style: One major trend that is continuing to resonate with home owners is the industrial look that offers a more contemporary design. Front doors, closet doors and even cabinets throughout the entire home are featuring this unique look. Closet doors made of glass with metal frames and distinctive hardware are creating focal points and showcasing the closet like never before.
  3.  Mirrored Glass Doors: Mirrors used on closet doors is a two for one design. Mirrors not only are functional providing the perfect dressing room right in the bedroom, they reflect the light making the room look larger than it actually is. Mirrored doors have a 70’s flair but today’s designs are updated and fresh adding a touch of glamour and romance to the room.
  4.  Sliding Barn Doors: Rustic barn doors recycled into closet doors are very popular and current. It doesn’t matter if your decor style is traditional, country, contemporary or somewhere in between, adding sliding barn doors to your home is a charming trend. Barn doors can be painted any color or color combinations to enhance the room. 
  5. Pocket Doors:  Small spaces require big ideas and that is where pocket doors come into play. Pocket closet doors are space savers and work on easy to install rollers and overhead tracks so the doors slide open and closed. They conveniently mask and conceal what is hiding behind them when closed and don’t get in the way when they are opened. They can be painted and designed to coordinate with overall look of the room.


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