4 Mosquito Control Tips every Property Owner should know

Published On May 7, 2019 | By David Standridge | Featured

The wet humid months are always full of mosquitos. This is because water ponds are spread almost everywhere and bushes are thick and healthy making the mosquitoes to easily breed. Besides their annoying midnight alarm, mosquitoes also transmit Plasmodium, a parasite known to cause malaria. Many people resort to covering their beds with mosquito nets at night.

As you use nets to deter mosquitos, remember the outside environment remains a good habitat for these creatures. For that reason, there should be interventions that will cover all areas of your compound from being infested by mosquitos. This is why you should get in touch with an expert in St. Charles ant control.

Keep Off Any Stagnant Water

Stagnant water is an attractant of mosquitos and the female anopheles likes laying its eggs in such an environment. First, make sure your outdoor faucets are not dripping. The few drops can add up and collect in a pond which will definitely attract mosquitoes.

Items such as broken baskets that collect water should be eliminated from your compound to ensure there is no breeding space for mosquitos. Pets’ food bowls that have been left in the compound can collect water and attract mosquitos. Make sure they are discarded.

Use Natural Means to Keep Off Mosquitos from Your Compound

There are natural ways to deter mosquitos. These ways are safe and effective. Lighting citronella candles and torches can make your place unfriendly to mosquitos. Yellow lighting has also been proven to scare away mosquitos. If you install yellow bulbs around your compound, you can scare mosquitos away and live in a mosquito free environment.

Mosquitos are weak creatures that can be swept away by high-pressure air. Install a fan in your room or sitting room and you will not see them flying around. You can get a portable fan so that you shift it from one room to another.

Buy Mosquito Traps

Mosquito traps work by burning propane and disseminating carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide attracts mosquitos to the machine which will then suck them and trap them. Not all mosquitos will be attracted to your machine so you need to be consistent if you want to immensely reduce their population. Careful when using the machine because carbon dioxide can affect even human beings if in excess.

Plant Trees that Can Deter Mosquitos Away

Besides these interventions, there are trees that repel mosquitos from a compound. Some of the trees include horsemint, Ageratum, and Marigold. If planted around the compound, they can eliminate away mosquitos. You can even plant some in pots and place them around your home for maximum coverage against mosquitos. Cut your grass short and make sure you clear any growing bushes or cluttering short plants. Such

Eliminating mosquitos is not an overnight thing, you need to be persistent in putting forth ways that make your environment a mosquito free zone. More attention should be during the rainy seasons when water accumulates and grass keeps on growing. Your compound can harbor lots of mosquitos if it is bushy and filled with a lot of water ponds.

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