4 Effective Ways to Keep Your Furnace Lit

Published On February 4, 2018 | By admin | home improvement

Does your furnace turn off frequently?

Do you find yourself lighting it back on several times? You need to make sure your furnace stays lit for longer periods. There may be several reasons for the burners to go out including an unruly flow of air, however, if you focus on a few unit-related issues, you can easily keep the furnace lit for quite some time.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Thermocouple

A thermocouple in your furnace has the job of measuring the temperature.

This device also determines whether the pilot light is on or not. It does so by the measurement of temperature and the presence of heat in the furnace. The main purpose of this device is the saving of gas.

As soon as the device discovers that the pilot light is off it also reduces the flow of gas.

When the thermocouple is faulty, it can mistakenly detect that the pilot light is off even when it is on. As a result when it reduces the gas flow, the pilot light and the burners actually go out. A very common problem with the false detection by the thermocouple is that it has bent into a direction where it is simply incapable of detecting the heat from the pilot. To fix this, you just need to bend it back in a parallel direction with the pilot.

If you feel that bending it back only has temporary effect then you should call for professional help and get the old thermocouple replaced.

  • Regularly Check Your Pilot Tube

This is a very rare cause for your furnace to go out . But at times, the pilot is not clean enough and goes out due to obstruction. If you make a habit of cleaning it every once in a while, the furnace will stay lit for longer periods.

  • Inspect the Flame Sensor in Your Furnace

This part of your furnace can sense the flow of gas. It is designed to ensure to keep excess gas from flowing into your furnace and polluting your home.

When it falsely detects extra flow of gas even when the furnace is working just fine, it turns the gas off automatically. In this case, you will end up turning the gas back on frequently. It is a good option to replace a flawed flame sensor as soon as possible.

  • Check Your Limit Switch

The furnace has a limit switch. It restricts the flow of gas to the furnace for safety purposes. If this switch malfunctions it can restrict the required amount of gas to the pilot resulting in the disruption of the flow and as a consequence the furnace light will be out.

This is where you need immediate repairs. Professional repairmen can fix the switch in no time or replace it if there’s need.

Keeping your furnace lit all the time is a difficult job as many factors play a part in its functionality. It requires your prompt and regular attention. If you can’t make the time to maintain it, hire AC repair professionals to do it. Affordable Air has a highly-competent team of contractors that can help you keep your heating and cooling needs met easily.

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