3 Things Potential Buyers Notice In Your Home

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If you want to sell your home quickly and at the best possible price, then you are going to have to present and market it as well as possible.

To help you discern what may need to be done, here are three things that potential buyers are sure to notice in your home.

  1. Its curb appeal (or lack thereof)

Curb appeal is the first thing that a potential buyer is going to pay attention to. There is just no way about it; from the minute they enter your property, they will be trying to imagine themselves living there, and trying to imagine how they would feel living in a house that looks the way it does.

Unfortunately, if the lack of curb appeal leaves a weak impression on them from the get-go, it is going to be extremely challenging to change their minds later on. Therefore, if you haven’t already achieved this, then generating curb appeal is of the utmost importance.

There are many ways you can take your curb appeal and landscaping to the next level. Start with ensuring you have a manicured lawn (one of the easiest and most necessary upgrades). Then, if it is the appropriate season, consider adding a few attractive new plants, hedges or trees.

Additionally, installing feature lights that create the right ambience and decorating your lawn and garden space with accessories that fit the vibe of the rest of the property will make the house stand out a lot more than the rest of the competition.

  1. Whether or not there is enough space

One of the gravest mistakes a home seller can make is not employing some of the easy tricks that can transform a small and cramped space. Look, you may not be able to increase the square footage of your home, but you can definitely put in some effort to keep it from appearing cramped and uncomfortable.

First and foremost, get rid of all clutter. Potential buyers are going to feel overwhelmed if they see your possessions still present all throughout the house when they visit, and it will be challenging for them to visualize their own belongings in the place.

In a similar vein, estate agents in Bolton,  England want you to know that it is best to avoid having too many patterns and colors around the home as this can scare off potential buyers who are eager to imagine their art on the walls.

If you have a room in the home that is quite dark, install a mirror to help aid the illusion that it is more open than it really is, and decorate with light and airy neutrals. Additionally, try different arrangements of furniture to see what creates a better flow. For this reason, multi-purpose furniture (a bed with slide containers, secret shelving under a table) is generally an excellent option for homes that are lacking extra space.

  1. The state of the kitchen

Regardless of whether you are selling your home in Bolton or somewhere else in the world, one of the most important rooms for potential buyers is the kitchen. As the center of a home, the kitchen is an integral part of a house as it is a multi-functional room where everyone can eat, drink, cook, and hang out.

Even if the rest of your house looks lovely, if your kitchen isn’t up-to-date or particularly appealing, then it is going to be challenging to attract a serious buyer. They want to know that they are going to be able to utilize the space in all the necessary ways.

So, what do you do?

Every seller should spend some time decluttering their kitchen and making sure all the cupboards and drawers are organized in case a potential buyer opens one to peek inside.

Next, you may have to paint the walls a light or neutral color to help make the space look and feel more open and expansive and to give it a smart and classic vibe. Perhaps your cabinets need a makeover, or the kitchen taps needs replacing, or the lighting fixtures don’t always work.

Only you know what the issues in your kitchen are, but you don’t want to let these stop you from selling your home for a top price!

Have you recently bought or sold a house? If so, what was your experience like when it came to these issues? As a seller, did you find you had to make specific updates in order to get an offer? As a buyer, on what aspects of each house were you most focused? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

Sally Jones is a Director and Co-Founder of The Purple Property Shop, an award-winning estate agent serving Bolton, Bury and the surrounding areas of North West England. The Purple Property Shop was founded in 2010 and quickly grew to become one of Bolton’s leading estate agents, specialising in residential property sales, property lettings and management.

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