2019 Kitchen Trends: Best & Worst

Published On February 25, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Home Decor

Life can get busy enough as it is, so kitchen designers in Bangor and homeowners in north wales alike are feeling relieved that the kitchen trends for 2019 are rather timid and quiet. We are sure to see a big emphasis on pared-back cabinets, quality materials, combinations of metals, and more black than you probably would have imagined. Here we will look further into these trends and provide you with a list of the best available, as well as the ones we think you should avoid!

Matte Black – This rather unique trend will definitely be making itself known throughout 2019. Despite IKEA’s Kungbacka Sektion kitchen being distinctively black, it will feature a door with a rather ‘green’ story: it is constructed out of recycled wood and bottles. The coordination of matte black found on other elements of the kitchen really brings the entire look together.

Hidden Ventilation – Robust and obvious industrial hood vents are perfectly fine when running a restaurant. However, in a residential space a more seamless look for vents will certainly become popular throughout 2019. Whether you opt for a modern or traditional design, kitchen ventilation will be all about being discreet.

Collections – To obtain that ‘curated’ feel in the kitchen, you will want to store your crockery, vases and any other kitchen-wear that you may have picked up on your travels. Handmade pieces will always add to the look that little bit more, but speak to an artisan for more inspiration on achieving this look in 2019.

Woods & Whites – Two-tone kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in 2019.Natural woods are making their way to the front. Work surfaces, shelves, and kitchen walls are remain white whilst cabinetry has that sleek natural wood look.

Industrial Worktops – Textural surfaces such as concrete will be seen throughout a large number of kitchens in 2019. Caesarstone’s Excava has presented a wonderful amber patina that features swirls of rust and concrete effects.

Different Metals – Brasses, black, pewter and copper are the firm favourites in 2019 for mixed metals. These gorgeous metals create a strikingly organic look that people just love.

We want you to forget about:

Gloss It could also be the lack of variation on the surface, but the fact that glossy kitchens that are so bright you require sunglass and the ability to live with a constant headache are starting to feel dated. But wait, we aren’t telling you to tear your glossy kitchen out, but you could easily warm the space up with some foliage, pottery and books.

Uninterrupted White – Pure, uninterrupted white can begin to feel rather sterile in a kitchen, not to mention the risk of discolouration over time. An overload of such a neutral colour can start to feel tired in 2019.

Rose Gold

We all noticed it. Rose Gold shot to fame so quickly during 2017 and 18. It found its way from the cases of your smartphone’s to the kitchen table. We definitely think that this trend has had its day, so perhaps consider some new colours to accent your kitchen space.

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